Featured Artist – May 2016

Featured Artist – May 2016

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Rockin' Cephalopods

Our Band sort of just happened. We just started playing at a gathering one summer day, starting off with Bobby, Ray Smith and Joanie,  then Ted and John joined us later on. When Ray left due to medical issues, Ryan Collins stepped in to cover on the bass. We have enjoyed playing together for many years now and Love to just have fun together creating new songs to add and best of all enjoying entertaining for our wonderful town.

Each one of us brings something special to the group. Our ages range 50-80+ which adds a variety of music and technique. Most of us are self taught which adds to our uniqueness. A group of people who have the same desire to express themselves through the healing power of Music. We always try to remember just to have fun!


Joanie McNerlin

I have always, since I can remember, been into music. My first memory of playing was an old accordion we used to have and I would sit there on a rainy day and try to figure it out. When I was eight I met Roland Nelson, the high school music teacher, who mentored several of us younger kids.

My first instrument was an old silver clarinet and he told me, "if you can play that old thing then you'll be able to play anything." I did get put in the garage a few times while practicing at home. When you first start playing it can be very squeaky and annoying I suppose. Maybe, I enjoyed bugging my siblings a little. I continued all through school playing clarinet. My parents saw how much I enjoyed it and got me a newer one.

When I was around 21 I decided to learn to play the flute thinking I could fit into bands easier and I also taught myself to play by ear. Only recently, in the last 7 years or so, I decided to sing and a just a few years ago I started learning to play the saxophone. Not sure which instrument I want to learn next but playing music is very healing. Music is a huge part of my life now and I love playing with the Rockin' Cephalopods. I feel blessed that I get to share this experience with them.

Bobby Del Quadro

I come from a family of Gypsies. With that being said, music is in our blood and most of us play an instrument. When I was a teenager, my big brother taught me how to read music and where the notes are on the guitar. Beyond that I am self-taught. I could lie and say I play for artistic expression but, truth be told, I picked up playing guitar because I thought it was a good way to meet girls, and I was right.

Ryan "Ryco" Collins

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I began playing double bass in grade school, later switching to electric bass guitar in Jr High. In High School I played jazz bass in Stage Band and in an award winning Jazz Choir rhythm section. I also played in rock ’n roll dance bands playing weekend high school dances throughout Washington State.

I studied jazz bass and theory at Central Washington University and played throughout the Northwest in many Top 40 club bands. In the mid 80s I switched to playing, writing, and starving in original music bands. I have backed many local and national acts.

My wife and I moved to the Southern Oregon Coast in ’96. More recently I played jazz standards and bop in The Pete Lenihan Trio, original jazz fusion in The Abstractors, and hard rock originals in Antique Dog. I Joined The Rockin’ Cephalopods in August 2016. Great toons! Good times!

Ted Owens(1)

Ted Owen

I began my drumming life at the tender age of four. I tapped on sofa pillows with wooden pencils, moving up to a snare drum with sticks in school. When I was nine, I inherited a set of drums from my best friend whose father had been killed in WWII. At fifteen, I earned enough to purchase the drum set that I still play on today, 70 years later.

Over the years, I have played with many great musicians and have wonderful stories to tell. I have played with Pete Lenihan and Ryan Collins for 15 years here in Port Orford. I have also been in other bands and am now an enthusiastic member of the Rock' Cephalopods.


John Jeronimo

Music is like oxygen. That's what I always say. When Joanie ask me to be the percussionist with the Rockin' Cephalopods, I was thrilled! The next day, I went to the music store in Coos Bay and bought myself a drum, a North African drum. At the time, I didn't know anything about drumming, but, in several months playing with the band, I've been improving. (smiling) I also play tambourine.

Ted, our drummer, has a full set of drums. He's the back-bone of the tempo we all follow. Ted is well into his 80s, but he sure can play those drums! I used to play the guitar, sing and write songs, but a stroke in 2009 sure put a hurt on me. I have to relearn the guitar. My speech is a bit slow, but, when I'm singing harmonies with Joanie, it's such a treat. Playing music with Joanie, Bobby, Ted and Ray is just a sheer pleasure.